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Social/Casual Guilds

Social guilds are great for new players or casual players. They tend to chat and even help other players out a lot. However, you can try to raid or PVP in them but because the setting is more casual you will more than likely lack in raids or PVP or both.

These players do not focus on being the best of the best but instead would much rather do things in a more casual setting. The causal players tend to enjoy things such as questing, dungeons, or even just hanging out chatting all the time. Personally, I prefer the social casual with a mix of everything.

If you are a hardcore PvPer or Raider, this is not the guild for you at all and you should not even look at that ad that booms across your general or trade chat. You won’t last long there going through multiple wipes because these players tend to just want to have fun and don’t always care about being the top guild.

Successful Social Guilds

You can be a social guild that is successful in raids, but this is very rare to see to it. I believe I covered the main basis behind the social casual guilds. These guilds also do not have any specific recruiting requirements except for maybe age, however, the age restriction seems to have gone away in most guilds that I have seen.

Different Types

There are different kinds of social guilds as well, so it’s best to find one that suits your interests. This could be a guild where people only talk and quest together, or talk while questing separately. You can even find social guilds who enjoy doing old content even though much of that is soloable, it’s still more fun doing it with others.

What is it?

By the very definition of what is a social guild, it is a guild where members are friendly and play more to make friends or enjoy the game, instead of preparing for a raid. In most cases, social guilds consist of 20-150 members. The members of a social guild tend to be friendly, caring, fun to play with, and will often help new members out.


In many guilds, there are benefits which include free items, group opportunities, and trade skill ingredients that are gathered by guild members. Being in a social guild could really enhance your gameplay experience, especially if you are new to the game.

Social guilds are definitely a choice if you are not interested in raiding or PVP. Some might say they are generally also leveling guilds and while many leveling guilds are social guilds, we are discussing the guilds primarily for the pure purpose of socializing and making new friends.

What are your thoughts on social guilds?

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