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Blue Dragons vs. Black Dragons: Trust Divide in WoW

In Azeroth, the issue of dragon trust is complex. While players often think of the Cataclysm and Deathwing, Malygos and his blue Dragonflight also had a significant impact. Despite Malygos’ purge of “rogue” magic users, players trust the blue dragons in WoW after Malygos but remain wary of black dragons after the defeat of Deathwing. This article explores why players trust the blue dragons and yet the black dragons remain untrusted. We examine differences in how the two dragon flights are portrayed in WoW’s lore and storyline, player interactions with them, and how these factors shape players’ perceptions.

Malygos started a war against magic users he considered rogue, including the Kirin Tor of Dalaran, who were not abusing magic. Alexstrasza rallied champions and dragonflights to stop the genocidal crusade.

So why do we still trust Blue Dragonflight but not Black Dragons?

Blue Dragons’ Intentions

Malygos sought to protect Azeroth’s magical energies rather than harm innocent beings. Deathwing’s actions, however, were driven by madness and a desire to destroy everything, including innocent lives.

Trust Building With Blue Dragons

After Malygos was defeated, the blue dragonflight worked with players to defeat Deathwing and protect Azeroth. This may have helped to build trust between players and the blue dragonflight as allies against a common enemy. In contrast, black dragons were seen as enemies throughout the Cataclysm expansion, with no significant cooperation or redemption.


It’s worth noting that trust is often built over time and through repeated positive experiences. Players may have had more positive experiences with the blues throughout the course of WoW’s storyline, such as completing quests or earning rewards from them, which could have contributed to their trust in this dragonflight. Conversely, negative experiences with the black dragons, such as their role in the destruction caused by Deathwing, could have contributed to players’ lack of trust in this dragonflight.

The Past

While both dragonflights have a tainted past, the way in which they have been portrayed in WoW’s lore, storyline, and player interactions could explain why players trust the blue dragons after Malygos has been dealt with, but are still wary of the black dragons even though Deathwing has been defeated.

Overall, the Blue dragons have worked to redeem themselves and rebuild trust. The remaining black dragons went into hiding instead of trying to work on a way to rebuild trust and companionship. Even today, Kalecgos is trying to renew the Blue Dragons while keeping his relationship with Khadgar and other races on Azeroth intact.

What do you think? Why do you trust the Blue Dragons amidst the madness that fell under their previous aspect? Why not the Black Dragons? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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