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Who is right: Wrathion or Alexstrasza?

Over time, as questions arise about who is right, the evident strain in Wrathion’s relationships with the red dragons comes to light. Despite this, his steadfast determination propels him to tirelessly showcase his merit. Embarking on his quest for the Dragon Isles has unveiled a journey of revelation. At a crucial turning point, the dragons returned to their ancestral abode, contributing an additional layer to the developing narrative.

Upon returning, we meet Raszageth, who seems to hold a vendetta against the queen of dragons. Alexstrasza faced an attack from Raszageth, prompting Wrathion to swoop in and rescue her. Knowing that Raszageth was currently bigger and stronger than him, Wrathion took the risk, managing to distract Raszageth.

After the rescue, an argument ensued between Alexstrasza and Wrathion. Wrathion’s discontent stemmed from a choice made by Alexstrasza, which led to the division of players into specific factions. This raises the question: “Who is right: Wrathion or Alexstrasza?” It’s important to note that this article is not “factual” but based on facts. Opinions on who is right or wrong are solely the author’s.

Alexstrasza’s Rescue

Alexstrasza was attacked by Raszageth and, when injured, Wrathion arrived to distract Raszageth and drive her away. He succeeded and afterward approached Alexstrasza to ensure she was okay.

Alexstrasza’s Choice

After making sure Alexstrasza was okay and she expressed gratitude, Wrathion brought up the Black Dragonflight’s need to retake the Obsidian Citadel, built to defend the Dragon Isles. Helping Wrathion would benefit the Isles, but Alexstrasza decided the eggs must be secured due to Raszageth’s relentlessness.

Helpless Eggs

Wrathion showed obvious distaste, not liking Alexstrasza’s answer or choice. Alexstrasza seemed to use his past against him, emphasizing “you.” Given that Wrathion was once a helpless egg, red dragons experimented on him to create an uncorrupted black dragon, only to later attempt to destroy him.

Alexstrasza’s Reasoning

This is a theory, not confirmed by Blizzard. In Tides of Darkness, Alexstrasza and her prime consort were captured and forced to breed by the Dragonmaw clan. Some of her eggs were stolen and twisted into what we know as the Twilight Drakes today. This could explain Alexstrasza’s protectiveness over the eggs, aside from her role as the Life-Binder.

I believe that while I understand Alexstrasza’s decision, Wrathion is in the right. Alexstrasza is the Queen of the dragons and leader of the red dragonflight. She could have ordered dragons with the capacity to spare to assist Wrathion and the remaining black dragons in reclaiming the Obsidian Citadel.

What are your thoughts? Who do you believe was right and why?

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