We all know by now what Sylvanas did. She murdered thousands for what she perceived to be a good deed. Though to some players’ dismay, Blizzard offered up a redemption story. The question is can she truly be forgiven? You see, many players thought she was a Garrosh 2.0 inContinue Reading

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We all know who Bolvar is by now. Bolvar Fordragon is the current Lich King, He was previously a paladin of the Alliance. Bolvar served as the Highlord and regent of Stormwind after King Varian Wrynn disappeared as Anduin was too young to be able to lead the people. WhenContinue Reading

Sylvanas Windrunner was once a noble young elf who was selfless, loyal, and protective of those she cared about. In fact, she was fiercely protective of people. When she became Ranger-General, she took her position very seriously. Her concern for others became her downfall, she died protecting a mother andContinue Reading

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Lady Jaina has always been honorable. She stepped aside to let the Horde take down her father when she herself didn’t agree with the decisions her father had done or what he was about to do. Jaina Proudmoore, talented and trusted as well as a very powerful sorceress, has alwaysContinue Reading


Due to the Dragonflight announcements, it may appear that Wrathion is going to play a huge role in the upcoming expansion. One of few black dragons that are uncorrupt. He plays a huge role in helping us to defeat N’zoth. Though others at first did try to hold him accountableContinue Reading

Thoradin declared himself the first human king. He was a warlord of the Arathi tribe and unified the human tribes into the nation of Arator. The capital of Strom was founded by him. Thoradin was a warrior, but also a strategist. He forged an alliance with the High Elves duringContinue Reading

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Chronormu, better known as Chromie by many players, is a bronze dragon. We normally see her for the anniversary event and other affairs as a quest giver. Also, she is one of the most important members of the Bronze Dragonflight. She works to maintain and restore various timelines of importanceContinue Reading

Zovaal, The Jailer

We know that Zovaal is the big bad of Shadowlands, but not much else is really known about him. The Jailer is an eternal one who rules over the Maw. He rules from the Sanctum of Domination in Torghast. The Jailer has powerful domination magic and he is the absoluteContinue Reading

Medivh is the last guardian of Tirisfal. His mother was Aegwynn, who was a great and powerful mage. He also brought the orcs into the world, opened a path for the demons. His name means Keeper of secrets in Thalassian. The guardians of tirisfal are an ancient line of protectorsContinue Reading


Amidst all that Lady Sylvanas Windrunner has done, there are still players who love her. Jessica Rabbit’s famous phrase “I’m not bad, I was just drawn that way” definitely does not apply to Sylvanas. To sum up Sylvanas in Shadowlands, she has defeated Bolvar and shattered the helm of domination,Continue Reading