Dracythyr Starting armor

Phase 2 of the Pre-expansion patch has been released. This allows players who prepurchased Dragonflight to create their Evokers. You will gain access to the Dracthyr starting zone, Forbidden Reach. The Tempest Unleashed is the new event for Dragonflight prepatch. The patch takes us back into Uldaman for a sectionContinue Reading

Wrath of The Lich King Classic was released yesterday. We travel to Northrend to continue the story of Warcraft, picking up where Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne left off. Additionally, Wrath of The Lich King is undoubtedly a popular expansion. Arthas Menethil is the Lich King. You will be givenContinue Reading

It is okay to make mistakes. All of us do it! You could have been a Guild master for 10 years and you’re still going to make mistakes, at the very least when I was a new guild master there are things I wish someone would have told me! ItContinue Reading

I have been asked multiple times “How is it that you have so many members but claim to have no drama?” The answer is simple: We just don’t have guild drama! Shockingly enough I can go off my Guild Master toon or toons in the guild for long periods of timeContinue Reading

There is a lot of misconception about video games not being so helpful, or how they are negative. What about the positives? Generally, you might think of a game made specifically for someone with autism (yes, they make such games). Games with high reward schedules and social rewards such asContinue Reading

Many players speculated that Sylvanas was a Garrosh 2.0 even amidst claims from Blizzard that she wasn’t. After all, there were similarities in what both of them have done. The only main difference I can really think of is the end goal, Garrosh wanted the Horde to rule all ofContinue Reading

The Burning Crsusade

Karazhan has its own history and lore behind it. The raid is located on the ley lines in Deadwind Pass. Best known for Medivh living there and being raised there. Once Medivh was killed, the tower sealed itself off from the world. Karazhan reawakened for Burning Crusades with an evilContinue Reading

Social guilds are great for new players or casual players. They tend to chat and even help other players out a lot. However, you can try to raid or PVP in them but because the setting is more casual you will more than likely lack in raids or PVP orContinue Reading

World of Warcraft priest AFK

Today we will talk about Leveling Guilds, and the pros & cons. Leveling guilds are just that. They are there to help you get from 1-60. They might help you with other things as well, such as leveling up your professions and running dungeons. If you are a new playerContinue Reading

High Exarch Turalyon was one of the first five paladins of the Knights of The Silver Hand. Other notable names that we know who have joined the Knights are Uther the Lightbringer, Saidan Dathrohan, Tirion Fordring, and Gavinrad the Dire. While the other paladins were previously warriors, Turalyon was aContinue Reading