Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024
Ring of Transference

Ring of Transference

Dealing with a Jerk

I am the player that will proudly say I am addicted to this game and loving it. However, occasionally I run into the major jerk. The other day, I was healing a dungeon. My main is a troll shaman on Cenarion Circle. This article will tell you about a tank I had encountered in this dungeon.

My shaman is enhancement and restoration. I have always loved healing with her and tend to consider myself a decent healer. I have minimal wipes but occasionally run into the person who thinks they can do the job better than me.

Today, I will talk to you about an experience I had with a tank in these dungeons.


A tank tried to tell me that I was healing wrong because he had not seen me drop Healing rain. We didn’t really need Healing rain at that point though. He only died once because I died. Here’s the thing though, I died because my tank neglected to tell me not to stand on the stairs and I pulled a mob, in a dungeon I already told them I didn’t know anything about.

The Ripple Effect of Tank Deaths

The death of the healer creates a ripple effect. The healer dies, then the tank dies, and usually, the rest of the party will die. He was on my case and even tried to kick me from the party in the dungeon I was in, only because I was not healing the way he expected me to heal.


We had hardly any wipes in my gear, I think I was doing pretty good for an undergeared healer in a time walking dungeon. Seeing as the only wipe was when I died, I was the first one to go down because of the tank’s mishap in not telling me not to stand where I was. I really hate when others think they can do the job better or just want to complain. we were not dying from my heals, so I don’t know what the big deal was.

Mana Conservation

I don’t spam healing rain because it eats my mana up, especially in my gear. As a shaman healer who started healing in Burning Crusade, I learned early on about Mana Conservation and hold that to be the most important thing about healing. Conserve your mana while healing and you should not have an issue, however, there are other ways to heal as long as it works for you. I prefer the route of healing effectively while conserving my mana.

We can’t please everyone and you will always find someone who has an issue with the way you do things. If you are happy and it’s working for you, unless your groups are dying a lot I don’t see any reason to change what is working for you. Tell us one of your stories and how you came out on top, we’d love to hear it.

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