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What type of Guild Should You Run?

Obviously, the first step of creating a guild is your charter, which you can get in almost any major city. But there is a step even before that. You should decide the type you wish to run as well as the size, if your new do what I did and set a maximum to start. As you gain more experience and feel more confident in your abilities, then you may raise that number.

You have RP guilds, social guilds, Leveling guilds, Raiding Guilds, and even PvP guilds. Here I will discuss the difference between the guilds, but even mentioning that you can add all of those elements and still be a successful guild. However, in doing so…there is usually one aspect of a guild that will lack because of the “casual” setting and casual players allowed in the guild.

Roleplay Guilds

RP guilds stand for Role Play guilds. This type of guild focuses on role play and therefore brings role players to the guild. These guilds also receive criticism from non-role players but you can not allow what others say to discourage you. To have a good RP guild you should have someone in charge of the RP, an RP officer, or whatever it is you would like to call them in your guild. This person would be in charge of the background story & even planning RP events for the guild whether it be parties or fundraisers.

Social Guilds

With no real purpose but to hang out together, chat with each other. Those guilds tend to be very close-knit & form a better friendship. They also tend to be more helpful. Now you can have a social raiding guild. But you should always harness and encourage social interaction if you expect to be a successful social guild.

Leveling Guilds

These guilds have 1 purpose and one purpose only. That purpose is to level and to help those level. Keep in mind, if this is the type of guild you are, you might lose some level 60s as they get ready for raiding and PVP or the end game content. Do not let this discourage you! Once they have reached level 60, chances are you have served them well and it is time for them to leave the nest.

Raiding Guilds

These guilds focus on progression and raiding. IN these guilds the level ’60s tend to gear up together, help each prepare for raids. Their main focus is, you guessed it, raiding.

PvP Guilds

These guilds have pvpers & focus on rated battlegrounds, battle groups for the guild, and their main focus is just running battlegrounds together including PVP achievements.

Now that you have decided what type or size you would like to run? Will it be big or small? Let us know in your comments!

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