Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024
Priest hanging out in her Garrison

A priest in her garrison

Pros and Cons of Big Guilds

I run multiple guilds, one has 467 members. The other is so close to member cap I had to kick everyone out who had not been online in 6 months. It still had 900+ members after doing this. Yes, Blizzard has a member cap of 1000 guild members.

We will start with the cons first and then go with the pros. Though I would like to remind you that pros and cons can vary from player to player, these are my specific pros and cons. What I like and don’t like about big guilds.

Cons: People Ignored

People tend to get ignored by guildies, especially lowbies but in my guilds. We love lowbies & newbs so I have what I call a lowbie coordinator whose job is to make sure that the lowbies do not get ignored & get help if it is needed.

Con: Drama

In many cases, drama is something you will need to watch out for. Big guilds tend to have more drama, which is why they should have more officers or officers whose sole job is to mitigate the drama. That’s what my PR officer’s job is as well as my guild mediator and even my disciplinarian. To keep drama at bay in my guild, we have a team of people to help minimize the amount of drama so we hardly keep the drama in the guild for long.

Cons: Non family Officers

Officers become more than family. In big guilds, sometimes you can not choose just family to be your officers. You don’t know if that officer will screw you over or not. This is why my guild has a trial officer rank. They have min. access & one tab they still can not access for 6 months. One screw up and they lose being an officer forever.

Pros: Social

I have found that bigger guilds tend to talk more. The more people you have online, the better the conversation. If the guild is a big guild and active, there may always be someone online regardless of the time. You could see 10-15 people online during the active guilds, sometimes more sometimes less.

Pros: Groups

You have a lot of different people with different playstyles from PVP to leveling, even raiders or roleplayers. In a bigger guild, you will find some of each or someone who enjoys all of them. So there is always someone like-minded for you to hang out whether it’s someone to run heroics with it or if you just want someone to level with.

There may be many more pros and cons that weren’t touched on. The pros and cons lists are personal and subject to someone else’s opinion. This means that your pros and cons list may be different from mine. We are curious though, what is on your pros and cons list for big guilds. Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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