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Chronormu, Emissary of The Bronze Dragonflight

Chronormu, better known as Chromie by many players, is a bronze dragon. We normally see her for the anniversary event and other affairs as a quest giver. Also, she is one of the most important members of the Bronze Dragonflight. She works to maintain and restore various timelines of importance in Azeroth’s history.

She prefers to be a charismatic female gnome when dealing with mortals. Seeing as she is a time-traveling dragon it is hard to determine the events for her. We will start here though: Chronormu was born a male. On the upcoming visage day where a dragon decides what their mortal guise will be, he couldn’t decide what he wanted to be. I use he, due to at this time Chronormu was male.

Zidormi, Chronormu’s dearest friend, would visit him and ask him what form he would be choosing. At this point, Chronormu had not decided the form he wanted. He didn’t know how he wanted others to see him when he didn’t even know how he saw himself. Zidormi recommended that Chronormu seeks the counsel of Nozdormu, who has helped many dragons choose their forms.

Nozdormu’s Advice

Chronormu circled above the Bronze Dragonshrine for a long time, and then entered and rambled trying to ask Nozdormu what form he should choose. Nozdormu, the bronze aspect got him to calm down and then asked him what Visage day meant to him. Chronormu said it meant that Aspects trusted him to walk among the mortal races, to help them understand dragons better. To him, it was important to choose the right form, so the mortals could see him for who he was. Nozdormu suggests that he go and seek out other dragons whether they are friends or not. Nozdormu would not say anything to potentially sway his decision. This is a personal choice that only the dragon can choose.

Kalecgos’s Guidance

Zidormi asked Kalecgos if he would offer some guidance to Chronormu. Chronormu had traveled to the Nexus and met with Kalecgos. There, Kalecgos revealed to him that his visage was a half-elf. Kalecgos would go to explain while many blue dragons chose some pretty elaborate forms, he would choose the opposite. He wanted to be approachable.That he would walk as a friend and an equal, when questioned about his blue hair Kalecgos told him that it suited him. It was even suggested to choose a nickname for his mortal form.

Onyxia’s Meeting

Chronormu went to meet with Onyxia. This meeting took place after Kalecgos told him he should seek out the advice of someone with a different perspective on dealing with mortals. Since Onyxia made an impression on him and he felt that was as different from Kalecgos as possible, he sought out a meeting with Onyxia. After he was escorted into the Obsidian Dragonshrine for an audience with her, Onyxia scoffed at his view that dragons chose a visage to better relate to the mortal races. She told him that they chose a visage that allowed them to control mortals. Revealing her human form, she told him no visage could change the dragon’s nature as a hunter and a killer.

She did offer to let Chronormu stay at her side where she would teach him everything he needed to know about mortals and that he would be the best dragon of his flight, even Nozdorum would kneel before him. Chronormu was upset and left Onyxia’s cave but at this point, he knew who he wanted to be.

Visage Day

The Visage Day was held at the summit of Wyrmrest Temple, as is tradition. Members of the bronze Dragonflight including Nozdormu and Zidormu, including other emissaries from the flights such as Kalecgos and Onyxia attended the ceremony. The Dragon Queen, Alexstrasza officiated the ceremony. When she arrived she informed Chronormu that she could postpone the ceremony if he liked, but he told her that he was ready. The other dragons present assumed their mortal forms, and Chronormu started to recite a prepared speech then decided not to go with his prepared speech. Instead, he would just speak from the heart.

He said that meeting with his fellow dragons and receiving their counsel, he realized that the visage was not just how they wanted the world to see them, but how they saw themselves. He revealed that he wanted to experience the world as the smallest and most optimistic of mortals working to create a brighter future. The spell he cast would then define his mortal form as a female gnome. She then took on the nickname Chromie and introduced herself as such. The other dragons cheered. Kalegos asked her why she chose to become female, her response was “it suits me.”

What is your favorite part of Chromie’s story? I’d love to hear your responses, let us know in the comments below.

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