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Thoradin, King of Arator

Thoradin declared himself the first human king. He was a warlord of the Arathi tribe and unified the human tribes into the nation of Arator. The capital of Strom was founded by him.

Thoradin was a warrior, but also a strategist. He forged an alliance with the High Elves during the Troll Wars and would play a critical role in the war with his sword and his brothers. After they won the war, he lived and reigned as King of Arator peacefully for years.

Thoradin searched for the origins of humanity which led him to the tomb of the Keeper Tyr. He gave his life to prevent Zakajz from waking up. he founded Arathor 2800 years before the first war. Human tribes were always at war with one another. Thoradin knew that humans would not stand much chance against the Amani empire if they stayed divided.

Coronation of a King

Thoradin declared himself a king and began a campaign to unite the rival tribes under a single banner. Due to his history of skirmishes with the trolls, he had become a master tactician and brought the other tribes to heel in a span of 6 years. He managed to get some people to his side through marriage, and others he promised land and wealth if they joined him.

What Kind of King Was he?

To the surprise of many, he did not rule as a tyrant. He offered his former enemies peace and equality. He claimed the new human kingdom would be glorious. Tribal leaders wouldn’t fade into obscurity, they would become honored generals. This is how he would win the loyalty of their adversaries.

The Struggles of a King

Thoradin and his warriors struggled with conquering the Alteraci people of the Alterac Mountains. Thoradin was confident that he could conquer them if he was given enough time. he also knew that the cost would be high, so he decided to change his tactics. This would help him prevent the bloodshed that was not necessary.

Duel Between Kings

Thoradin removed his armor, painted his chest with tribal symbols of the Arathi, and challenged the Alteraci leader to a duel. The leader, Ignaeus was bigger and stronger, but Thoradin chose a duel on a day that the mountains would be enveloped in a thick fog. He was able to use the weather to his advantage and ended up besting his opponent. He won Alteraci to his side as he chose to offer the hand of peace instead of killing Ignaeus in that battle.

There was only one tribe that was powerful enough to end Thoradin’s dream of unity. That tribe was the tribe that resided in Tirisfal Glades and was led by Lordain. In order for Thoradin to win this side over, he would have had to appeal to their religious beliefs. He managed to win this tribe by him and his guards making a pilgrimage to the shrines and sacred groves performing rituals. He promised to spread this tribes mystic ways of they joined him, so they knelt to him.

Thoradin knew just how to get people on his side, which made him a great king. A king that many will remember for this reason. What do you think of Thoradin?

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