Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Pros and Cons of Small Guilds

One of my favorite things to do in WoW is lead guilds. It is no secret, I prefer the larger social guilds with a highly active chat. However, I recognize that there are some pros and cons to small guilds as well. Guilds are a great way for you to find other like-minded players to group with or just chat with.

We took the liberty of giving you a pros and cons list so you can decide if small guilds are for you. At one time guilds didn’t offer much benefit other than players you could easily grow. After an update, you can get things like a shorter cooldown on your hearthstone. Guilds also benefit you in other ways, like raids or set PVP teams.

I will start off with the Pros, and then we can go over the cons. This way you will get both, keep in mind these are the personal opinion of the author. Everyone will have a different idea as to what is or isn’t a pro and a con.

Pro: More Tight Knit

Smaller guilds tend to be a little tighter-knit than bigger guilds. This is because, with fewer members, you each have a chance at getting to know each other better. In larger guilds where the chat gets lost, it’s easy to miss when someone needs help or says hi or even joins the guild.

Pro: Mostly Friends and Family

In small guilds, you tend to run into a lot of friends and family, and in my experience, those guilds have less drama in them and are more understanding to the general player base. Not all small guilds have friends and family but the ones I have joined do.

Pro: No Cliques

I have not been in a small guild that had a clique or at least that hadn’t stopped to help other players. I can not tell you how many times in a larger guild I’ve been put off to the side because I’m not in a specific clique or group. This does not mean there are not many, as you will have your good and bad guilds whether big or small.

Pro: Less Officers Necessary

The smaller your guild, the fewer officers you will need. I used to have a 10 percent of member base officers type thing. so If I had 500 members, then I would need 50 officers. with the dwindling numbers in World of Warcraft, this may be an unreasonable thing to obtain. You should find a system that works for you.

Cons: Inactivity at times

There are many times during the day you might be on that the guild would be inactive. This leaves you to your own devices or alone. You could be by yourself for 5-6 hours before someone comes online.

Con: 50 Or Below

In most cases, I have seen smaller guilds with 50 or below members, however, what has been considered a small guild is also subjective. Although, whether this is a con or not is up to you.

Con: No Raids/Battlegrounds

There is a chance that raids and battlegrounds will likely not happen as a result of not enough players online. In a small guild, a lack of players could affect a raid team or PVP team especially if a majority of players are not online.

There are a lot of pros and cons to small guilds. However, whether or not a small guild is right for you will be something you need to decide for yourself. Let us know in the comments below if you prefer small guilds or not

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