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Bolvar Fordragon, Highlord of the Ebon Blade

We all know who Bolvar is by now. Bolvar Fordragon is the current Lich King, He was previously a paladin of the Alliance. Bolvar served as the Highlord and regent of Stormwind after King Varian Wrynn disappeared as Anduin was too young to be able to lead the people.

When Varian returned he made Bolvar the commander of the Alliance forces and then sent him to take the battle to the Scourge in Northrend. When Putress betrayed everyone, the dragon’s flames reanimated Bolvar and saved his life.

The dragon’s flame altered his body and the scourge took him into Icecrown Citadel where Arthas tortured him. It was Arthas’s attempt to bend Bolvar to his very will. Bolvar was noble though and resisted. Bolvar demanded that Tirion place the Helm of Domination on his head where he would become the next Lich King.

The End of The Lich King

Sylvanas Windrunner traveled to Icecrown to defeat Bolvar. There she would destroy the Helm of Domination, which would be the end of the Lich King. After she destroyed the Helm, Bolvar would no longer be The Lich King.

Taelia Fordragon

After the Scourge hit, Bolvar sent his daughter away. Taelia would become a ward of The Proudmoore Family in Kul Tiras. Cyrus Westfall would become her guardian and raise and train her. Daelin Proudmoore handpicked the knight himself. Bolvar would continuously send Taelia letters.

Regent of Stormwind

When King Varian went missing while on the way to a diplomatic summit with Theramore, Stormwind was thought to be going through a horrible state at that time. Prince Anduin was given the crown so that order could be preserved. Highlord Bolvar Fordragon acted as Regent Lord of Stormwind or the Supreme Commander of Stormwind’s forces on behalf of King Anduin.

Lady Prestor

He was warned about Lady Prestor’s treachery but did not want to act without proof. Bolvar was given a Drakefire Amulet from her that would cause his mind and body to be held captive. He became Onyxia’s pawn without even realizing it. Though the amulet also allowed him to see inside the dragon’s mind.

Bolvar has many other accomplishments under his belt including recruiting Alliance heroes to defeat Kel’Thuzad. He was the escorting party of King Varian after Varian was found. Bolvar noticed a change in Varian when he was around Lady Prestor and under the young prince’s insistence would investigate the circumstances of Varian’s abduction. He did what he could to protect Stormwind and Anduin from Lady Prestor.

Bolvar Fordragon is a staple in Shadowlands. He is working to help us defeat the Jailer, what are your thoughts on Bolvar? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you

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