Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Who Should Lead The Black Dragonflight?

In Dragonflight, which will release tomorrow, we have hints as to who may be in the running to lead the Black Dragons. It is coming down to Sabellian vs. Wrathion. Some thought that Wrathion would be unoppossed but that is not the case. Wrathion killed off many of the black dragons he knew about, due to them posing a threat to Azeroth.

To our understanding, you will even get to choose who you think will lead the black dragons. Each dragon, with his own goals and purpose. Each one feeling entitle to the position for one way or another, but who should lead the black dragonflight is the real question.

In one of the spoilers for Dragonflight, Alexstrasza tells Wrathion and Sabellian they will need to figure out things for themself. She will not get into the middle of the affairs of the Black Dragons, that it is up to them to decide who shall be their leader.


Wrathion feels that the protection of Azeroth should now fall on him after the fall of Deathwing. He worked endlessly to cleanse the corruption of his flight even though it meant killing the dragons who were still on Azeroth. He is also uncorrupted by the old gods. Ruthless as he can be, he is devoted to the greater good of Azeroth. He considers Deathwing his father, but in reality he is Deathwing’s grandson.


Sabellian was Deathwing’s prime lietenant and the direct son of Deathwing. After the defeat of Gruul, he bent the Blade’s Edge Mountains to his will. His purpose appears to be bringing the black dragonflight back to its former glory. He wants to reproduce and rebuild the dragons. Sabellian’s arguements focus on his years of experience and efforts in the renewing of the Black Dragonflight. He wants to renew the black dragonflight free from the taint of the old gods.

The Black Dragons Demise

Wrathion sought the helps of rogues to defeat the black dragons who were corrupted by the old gods influence. He saw that his own flight posed a threat to the very world they were charged with protecting. So, he decided to put an end to them. He was, however, unaware of the existence of Sabellian and his dragons located in the outlands. If he was aware of their existence, this might not be a question today as he might have had them defeated as well.

The Old God’s Influence

Sabellian, as far as we know, once heard the old god’s influence. There is a possibility that he does not hear them anymore, however, it is possible he does. We won’t really know, unless Blizzard reveals this, but if Sabellian does still hear the whispers, can he be trusted? Can we trust him not to become another Deathwing?

The question will become “Who should lead the Black Dragons?” It’s more like who do you trust to ally yourself with and root for. It would be curious to see if that little in game vote will help Blizzard decide who becomes the next leader of the black dragonflight.

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