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Alleria Windrunner

Personality Profile: Alleria Windrunner

Alleria Windrunner is one of the windrunner sisters. She was thought to be long lost but later found on Argus with her husband helping the void elves and lightforged draenei on their homeworld. She visited her homelands after returning to Azeroth, but the sunwell reacted negatively to the void in her. As such, she was sent away from Silvermoon.

She was the oldest and as such, she was destined to become the ranger general but had other plans. When she turned down being the ranger general, her sister, Sylvanas would take up that mantle and begin training to become the next ranger general. The ranger general was usually always the oldest Windrunner child.

Alleria Windrunner is a quick thinker and tries to see all sides of a situation. In a crisis, she can be very good to have on your side. Feeling empathic towards others and having a good strong intuition, she is able to comprehend people. Her husband, Turalyon, is currently the acting regent of Stormwind caring for the Alliance and Stormwind in the absense of their king and she is there helping him where she can, leading the void elves in the process.


Alleria is kind-hearted and gentle with her peers, but is extemely protective, You’ve seen how she talks to her sister, Sylvanas, when the people she loves and cares about is threatened by her. She is strong and while not usually hostile, she can be if the situation calls for it.


All interactions with her are genuine, while she does not hide the fact she would love to bring the high elves back to the Alliance, she also will not hide her other feelings towards others. Striving to meet her goals, she spent a lot of time learning how to control the void magic within her. She also took the time to show the other void elves how to control this and help them to become great allies of the Alliance.


She is a superb fighter who prefers solitude. She will generally only travel with others when forced to do so. Alleria speaks in short sentences and very infrequently. She is passionate about killing the orcs, hunting them and shows them no mercy.

In Battle

Alleria travels in forests whenever possible and prefers to strike while she is hiding. This is seen especially when she is attacking orcs, who she believes has no honor. She believes that they can be killed in any way she sees fit due to their lack of honor. Alleria has great speed and mobility and will use that to weave in and out of a fight, taking shots with maximum efficiency. She uses a bow in battle that was her father’s and will use no other weapon, if caught in a melee situation she will swing her bow as a quarterstaff instead.

Alleria, a fierce and proud elf, stands with Stormwind and the Alliance today. What do you think of Alleria? Would you like to see her in the future and where do you think she is now? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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