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Void Elf Warlock standing on top of a statue in ramkahen

Void Elf Warlock in Uldum

Top 10 Coolest Locations to Visit

One of the best things about World of Warcraft is how many gorgeous locations they have. Some people long forgot exist, some other players have yet to frequent for one reason or another.

There had been times where I would feel anxious and I just needed a cool place to go and sit for awhile. I would find those places relaxing or they hold special memories for me today. it’s easy to see why, even if I have not yet visited them in a long time.

Today, I plan on showing you the locations I searched for and found to be the coolest locations to visit. Some you may be aware of, others you may not be.

Silvermoon City

I am no fan of how often I get lost in Silvermoon City. Even admist the confusion, it is quite a gorgeous city. The Blood Elf zones have always been beautiful. One of my favorite locations in Silvermoon City though is the fountain. The fountain is gorgeous and relaxing.


Moonglade is a beautiful serene spots, druids can get a teleport to it (or at least used to.) it has been so long so I’m not sure if they even still get the Moonglade portal. This is also the central location for the lunar festival festivities and boss aside from just going around speaking to elders everywhere.

Night Elf Zones

I honestly can not level up in a night elf zone, however, I do admit they are gorgeous. Especialy the ones that have Moonwells. Even in the midst of tragedy, it still remains one of the most beautiful places you can visit still in Azeroth.

Beach by Ahn’Qiraji

There is a gorgeous beach down on the other side of Ahn’Qiraji. It’s one of those secret spots that you really need to look for to find. Also, one of those quiet spots you can just kind of sit at without being bothered by anyone if you want a quiet spot.


Aside from being named after Queen Azshara, a villain who has shown up multiple times, this zone has had its fair share of downfalls. Though, it is pretty and personally, a very underrated zone. People generally don’t really go here much anymore except when Azuregos comes back as a boss once a year for the wow anniversary. Although it has changed much over the years, I personally find these kind of areas interesting, unique, and beautiful.


Dalaran is the city of Mages, and just as easily a beautiful city with its bright colors and magical elements. It has purple spires and red-bricked streets, it’s inviting. Did you know you can also view the Lich King’s death cinematic by viewing a statue there?

The Nether

The Nether has went by another name you may recognize better then just “The Nether”. That name is the Twisting Nether, generally speaking you don’t just “visit” it but you fly thorugh it. The Twisting Nether is also known as the endless void and the nether world and it is the astral plane between worlds, but it is gorgeous and gives off a “Northern Lights” feel when there. Of course, seeing how it is an ebb of Light and the flow of void, one could see why.


As someone who loves frost mages and lore, I was always driven to Icecrown naturally. As much as I would personally hate to live here, it’s gorgeous with a castle to boot, if you consider Icecrown Citadel a palace. Although in the later expansions, Icecrown does not see much love like it did before even in the midst of leveling, it’s still got some great quests and aesthetics with a beautiful story to boot.

Isle of Quel’Danas

One of my favorite zones they ever added for level capped characters back in Burning Crusades was the Isle of Quel’Danas. As someone who mained a human back then, I didn’t get to enjoy much of the Blood Elf areas, so to have a taste of the beauty of Silvermoon, without having to kill myself getting there was golden.


I have always been partial to Egyptian items and anything with that kind of feel to it, so Uldum naturally drew my attention. Although it has changed depending on the timeline you are in or viewing, it still gives off the Egyptian feel and can still be fun to quest in and do archaeology in as well, if that is your thing of course.

There are a lot of gorgeous, fun places one could go even if just to relax while in que for your dungeons and pvp. Which place do you think is the coolest? Let us know in the comments below if your place made our list.

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