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Lady Sylvanas: Good or Bad?

We have all questioned what Lady Sylvanas’s intentions were since the last expansion, maybe some of you have even questioned it since Legion after some of the moves she even made then. In Shadowlands, it seems her true intentions have become clear.

Sylvanas appears to be doing this for a chance at true free will. This would give people the ability to control their own fate and destinies. This actually doesn’t seem like a bad deal, if you ask me.

While her intentions appear to be good, does this redeem her?


We have discovered that her intentions are for a shot at true free will. This would technically be a good thing. She wants to have control of her own destiny. Sylvanas has always preached “free will.” She wanted the scourge to have a choice, in time we have learned that it’s basically “You have free will, as long as you choose to serve me.” This does not sound like free will.

Sylvanas Windrunner

Before The Storm

The path she has taken to reach even a chance at true free will, the ability to control your own fate and destiny has been a bloodied one. In the Novel, Before The Storm, King Anduin contacts her requesting to allow her people and their human families a chance to meet up. She agreed, but then when she felt her people were deflecting she started murdering her own people and even killed Calia Menethil in the process as soon as she realized who she was.

Her Methods

It would be great to have true free will, her intentions might seem honorable. What about the methods leading to those? She burned down the world tree and murdered thousands. All for what? To tear down the veil between life & death, to free the Jailer. She has good intentions, though it’s not any secret she doesn’t do anything unless she gains something in return.


Anduin mentions something in one of the cinematics, about “if you can get me to let go of hope, you finally can too.” This revelation makes sense, because Anduin is strong and has a lot of hope. Sylvanas burned the World tree, we thought she had done this to kill the hope of the Night Elves. In the end, Lady Sylvanas shows that she hates hope and hates all life. But what of this new world they want to create?


It’s like with Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler. He had good intentions, he wanted to end poverty in his country, then known as Wallachia. He gathered the poor families, women, and children including. He did indeed feed them, but while they were feasting he had his guards lock the church up and burn it to the ground.

Does the good he was trying to do, negate the bad he did? No, in fact, he was later on killed as a result of his actions like this. It is the same with Sylvanas. She didn’t have to burn the World Tree or take thousands of lives in order to achieve her goal or get where she is today.

World of Warcraft

The answer to the question “Is Lady Sylvanas good or bad?” is simple: Yes. She is bad but has good intentions. This makes her an Anti-Hero. Blizzard has revealed in the past “She is not evil.” Maybe she isn’t, however, she still needs to be stopped and should stay pay for her crimes.

She is still a villian no matter which way you spin it. What do you think? Is she a hero, a villian or an anti-hero? Let us know in the comments what you think her next step will be.

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