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Warlock leveling

Have WoW Players Gotten Lazy?

Over time, World of Warcraft has gotten easier to play, but it still harvests challenges. You have so many addons that can help maximize your experience during the game.

There are people who believe if you use specific addons, you’re lazy. Though I suppose the argument could also be “but they make the game easier.” They do, but those who played in Vanilla through Wrath of the Lich King might remember the specific challenge the game used to offer.

Using a hearthstone

The question is have World of Warcraft players gotten lazy?


Addons in any game serve specific purposes. In WoW they tend to make the game easier, but at the same time with addons like DBM or GTFO, you don’t have to really pay much attention to the fight as the addons tell you that your standing in something.

Zygor Guides is among my favorite addon, though Zygor helps guide me through the leveling process. It helps curve my anxiety, but at the same time I do admit it’s made me a lazy leveler since I don’t have to think “where was this again…”

Working on Draenor Pathfinder

Quest Tracker

Long gone are the days where we needed to find our quests either by ourselves or with other addons to help us. Blizzard gives us the general area in a quest tracker themself. They have enabled us to be able to say okay, I have to go here now for the quest. Although it is not quite as detailed as Zygor, it is still useful for those who don’t want to utilize addons to do it for them.

Quest Tracker

Profession Changes

Some professions have changed so you don’t need skill levels anymore to farm them anywhere. Fishing, Mining, and herbalism are among these changes. You can still gain skill points, but you no longer need to level it up to get the higher level materials needed for potions, gear, and food for raids or battlegrounds.

Picking an herb

WoW Token

For the longest time, we had third party gold sellers. Honestly, I haven’t really seen them around much. Now you have Blizzard selling WoW Tokens. The idea is this, one player buys a wow token for $20, and then places it on the auction house. Another player buys the wow token from the auction house and uses it for a Blizzard account balance or their game time. This means that you no longer have to farm your gold.

WoW Token in the Auction House

These are not even all the other things we are given, like character boosts. There are too many things I could list. All in all, I believe that wow players have gotten lazy. We are now given everything on a silver platter whether through the usage of addons or blizzard, so we no longer have to actually put forth an effort to do anything. Even those fresh in the game who purchase a specific edition of Shadowlands will be handed a high level character.

What do you think? Have WoW players gotten lazy? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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