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New Opportunities: Moongraze Tenderloins

Alliance players in Warcraft can make up to 15k an hour farming Moongraze Tenderloin recipe for gold!

And you can do this over and over again.

Moongraze Tenderloin is the meat used in a recipe that can be sold on the Auction House for Alliance players. However, you can only farm this meat in the Draenei starting zone; through a Draenei quest. Therefore, it is really that easy.

The roasted Moongraze tenderloin recipe sells for around 13,000 gold depending on the server. If you learn the recipe and cook the item, you will only profit 24 copper from this. Consequently, farming the mats will get you 150g if you sell the mats in stacks of 6 as per the recipe requirements.

Profitable Moongraze

The most profitable way of making money from this would be to make a Draenei and do the quest to get the recipe. If you have the time, you may do this multiple times and at 16k per sell, but not on the same toon.

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Moongrazed Alts

It’s an easy 16k for a bank alt. You could even be sneaky and make the 16k, after that, send the gold to another toon and then delete the bank alt to do it over and over again.

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High level moongraze?

If you never did the zone on a higher level character, then you could go back and do the starter quests. The quest is not repeatable, but you could do it on different characters.

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How many Moongraze?

You can have the moongraze recipe on one toon within an hour to an hour and a half.  In this time, you could have made 16k gold, not to mention the other greys or little other items you might have picked up along the way.

So, you will notice that I mentioned 15k at the beginning of this article, however, in another part, I said the recipe sells for 13k depending on the server. This is because in that other part I am allotting the possibility of mats. Remember, prices do vary based on the server and its economy.

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