Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Roleplay Guilds

A roleplay guild is a guild of role players where they have a backstory for the guild itself. One of the major advantages of having an RP guild is you get to meet all sorts of role players. These players tend to bond well together. T

When I played alliance I threw a wow wedding, my guild from both the alliance and the horde showed up. So we planned it by a lake outside of Goldshire where the horde could go without worrying about guards. It was a nice way to combine every one in one. You have servers like Moon Guard or Wyrmrest Accord known for the RP. Goldshire is always full of roleplayers.

One of the drawbacks to an RP guild is the raids will not happen and if they do, you will find that they lack in raids but they can make raiding fun by role-playing through it.

Time for Raiding

I like to say “There is a time for raiding & a time for not” same goes for Role Play. To run a successful roleplay guild with successful events, you should really consider having a good RP Officer or Role Play Officer. Most importantly, Your ad should be a roleplay sense.


Don’t just say “Dark Phoenix is looking for members!” Say something like this “Calling all role players! You are summoned to join the Dark Phoenix Mercenaries. Please message me to arrange for an interview” See the difference? To be honest, if you were looking for a role play guild, which one of those ads would get your attention? Think about what you would like to see in a guild ad and utilize that to the best of your abilities.

Joining RP Guilds

RP guilds are especially fun for role players and should be joined lightly, like any guild, the members might have a hard time accepting new members. I run a guild that utilizes Role PLay and makes the point known that we include RP, raids, PVP, and social being fit for the casual player. In my guild, we automatically treat new members like they have been friends of ours for a long time.

Feeling Welcome

I suppose the guild could not have lasted 13 years making new players feel unwelcome. In an RP guild, it is especially important to get to know these new role players who will be joining you in your RP Ventures.

Good luck to you if this is the type of guild you have chosen to run. What type of guild do you lead? What’s your favorite kind of guild and playstyle?

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