Sylvanas Windrunner was once a noble young elf who was selfless, loyal, and protective of those she cared about. In fact, she was fiercely protective of people. When she became Ranger-General, she took her position very seriously. Her concern for others became her downfall, she died protecting a mother and a child.

Sylvanas Windrunner knew that she would lose her life for protecting others and yet did it anyway. She was fearless, but in her attempt was able to slow him down just enough. Though even amidst her positive traits, she was vain. She cared about her appearance and was notorious for her sharp tongue. She had a lack of respect.

She would only offer respect if she was required to give it. She would even make insulting comments and had sarcasm, and not the good kind either. Most people found her hard to get along with even in life, but once she made a friend she was their friend for life. That friend could rely on her all the same as well.

Negative Traits

In death, her negative traits gained intensity. She seemed to be composed of fury, anguish, and burning hatred which was mostly directed at Arthas. She wanted revenge on Arthas and loathed him very much. This extreme loathing was directed at anything that is alive. She believes humans are weak and will do anything to gain power, even if it means committing the very crimes Arthas committed. She looked down on humans with nothing but contempt.

The Green-Eyed Monster

Sylvanas is jealous and resentful towards the living. If you have a heartbeat she is bitter towards you, she hates the fact that she is dead but not dead. Her biggest wish is that she could be alive again or properly dead and at peace. She spent a lot of power and energy on regenerating her body to ensure it remains fully preserved. She remains as vain with her body dead as she was when she was alive.


Fearless as always, she is also arrogant and will provoke anything that may prove to be a threat. She also is rude, candid, and does not think before speaking. When she was alive, this used to get her in trouble quite a bit. Determined and merciless, she was able to break free from Arthas’s telepathic control and was the first one. She freed everyone else under his control as well.

No Remorse

Since her death, she locked herself away. Sylvanas hardened herself against weak emotions like sympathy or remorse. She would only do what is good for the Forsaken or drive them towards her own personal goal of vengeance against her own murderer, Arthas who forced her into a life of undeath. She refuses to feel shame for any of her own crimes that she has to commit.

Cold and driven by her rage and agony, her banshee self can only feel pain. All in all, Sylvanas Windrunner was a cold and hard ruler, who would stop at nothing to allow her people a chance to expand and progress, and she was driven only by her hatred of Arthas Menethil. It will be interesting to see where the next journey we see her on will take her.

What do you think will happen to Sylvanas after her penance is done? After she has collected all the souls Tyrande sent her to collect, what do you think will be next?