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Was Sylvanas a Garrosh 2.0?

Many players speculated that Sylvanas was a Garrosh 2.0 even amidst claims from Blizzard that she wasn’t. After all, there were similarities in what both of them have done. The only main difference I can really think of is the end goal, Garrosh wanted the Horde to rule all of Azeroth but the only horde race he truly cared about was Orcs and maybe Tauren.

Sylvanas’s end goal was to help the jailer remake the world where everyone would have control of their own destinies and fates both in life and in death. She felt justified in her crimes as a result due to the Jailer’s manipulations.

Sylvanas would see Garrosh as an amateur, but she did not like him and he didn’t like her. Then again, Garrosh’s ultimate goal was domination, he felt the Horde should rule Azeroth and squash anyone who would stand in their way. His Horde would only include Orcs.

The Why

Everything Garrosh did, he did for his Horde. Everything Sylvanas did, she did for everyone both alive and dead. She did it for the greater good and truly believed that she was doing good. After all, True free will is definitely something to fight for.


Garrosh believed in honor but did not realize what it was. He had no honor with stuff he did, Sylvanas never much cared for the honor. She would do whatever it took to reach her end goals, no matter the lives were taken.

Who They Serve

It’s funny when Sylvanas told the Jailer she will never serve. Why is that funny? Because she has served, she might not have served Arthas willingly, but ever since she and her people joined the Horde she served a warchief. This time, she chose to serve the jailer even though it was under false pretenses she felt like his partner. Garrosh served himself and only himself.

Destroying an area

They both destroyed an area in some way. Garrosh bombed Theramore, Jaina’s town, while Sylvanas destroyed and burned down Teldrassil. However, the reasonings are significantly different. Sylvanas needed the souls to feed the maw to help the Jailer. Garrosh bombed Theramore because that was how Varian’s armies were invading Kalimdor.

All in all, even though some of what they have done like destroying an entire area is similar, Sylvanas is definitely not a Garrosh 2.0. Her motives behind what she did were different from what he did. She would be considered an Anti-Hero by definition. She has the right reasons, just the wrong way about going about it.

This is what makes her different from Garrosh, he was just a villain. She may have acted like a villain, but once her motives became clear, it was discovered that she wanted to fight for everyone to have true free will, and create their own destiny. What are your thoughts? Was Sylvanas a Garrosh 2.0? or Was she completely different?

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