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Merithra of The Dream

Merithra is the daughter of Ysera and the leader of the Green Dragonflight. She also goes by Merithra of the Dream. During the War of the ancients, she led the green flight in the Ohn’ahran Plains and forged a pact with the matriarch of the centaur clans. It seems fitting with Dragonflight here, that we would discuss the current leader of the green dragonflight so that you may learn her story.

Merithra of the Dream played a major role in the war of the shifting sands. Qiraji had taken her captive and trapped her in Ahn’Qiraji where Caelestrasza and Arygos was also held captive. Though, Merithra was trapped there for a thousand years before a set of adventurers would free her.

When the Fourth War took her mother’s life, she would step forward to represent the Green Dragonflight. She worked with a mortal to help save the Emerald Dream from an infestation when the void was trying to invade. Merithra lacked confidence that she could live up to her mother’s legacy, but decided that she would do her best.

War of The Ancients

The Maruuk centaur settled on the Ohn’ahran Plains near the Emerald Gardens, which is the green dragonflight’s homeland. The dragons were hostile at first to their new neighbors and would fight them over territory. Eventually, Merithra and the leader of the centaur would realize they both of their people would be doomed if they continued to fight, so they allied themselves and fought against the proto dragons winning the battle. They kept their oath and maintained the alliance with each other.

War of The Shifting Sands

The dragon, Anachronos enlisted the help of the bronze dragonflight and would fight along the night elves against the Qiraji. The quiraji and silithid would later on prove to be an overwhelming amount of people, so Anachronos called upon the progency of the other dragonflights. This would include Merithra who would become trapped inside Ahn’qiraj. She helped push the Qiraji back which would allow a magical barrier to be created to seal the fortress. After Arygos and Caelestrasza had died, Merithra became the last one of the former captives to survive.

Dawn of the Aspects

After Deathwing was defeated, Merithra went with her mother to a meeting of the former Aspects at Wyrmrest Temple. She would tell them about the rumors of renewed activity from the Emerlad Nightmare and suggested that a search for a new Nightmare Lord was in the works. Ysera then informed her they’d already discussed that subject, but since the Aspects lost their power it would be up to the mortal druids to protect the Emerald Dream.

Battle for Azeroth

Merithra was doubtful that she could combat the threat of the void creatures on her own, so she called for help among allies. She directed her allies to fight the void so they could secure the Emerald Dreamway. Merithra learned that Karkarius and Thessera chose to give up instead of fighting for their lives and this distressed her. She would agree to help empower the Heart of Azeroth and would give up some of the green dragonflights power in order to save the world.

The Emerald Dream was fighting back the Void, Merithra directed champions to take the dragonscale they created back to Magni Bronzebeard who was in the Chamber of Heart. She eventually made her way to the chamber as well, where she would channel her power into the Heart Forge. She was proud of being able to stand with the other dragonflights in defense of Azeroth.

Merithra joined with Kalecgos, Alexstrasza, Ebyssian, and Chromie to empower the Heart of Azeroth. Merithra asked her Aunt, Alexstrsza what her mother had truly been like before becoming an Aspect and then expressed her doubt that she would be able to live up to Ysera’s legacy. Alexstrasza explained that Ysera was stronger then most believed she would be. She also encouraged Merithra to have faith in herself.

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