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Was the Redemption of Sylvanas a Good Idea?

There have been some mixed reviews about whether or not Sylvanas‘s redemption was a good idea. First, let’s explore some of what she even needed redemption for. After we killed Arthas, Sylvanas was offered a deal by the jailer and his minions. Eventually, she accepted the deal.

This deal would end up costing the lives of thousands of innocents. Over the years, she has often done some pretty questionable things in order to help her race procreate, since there is no procreation among the forsaken.

In life, Sylvanas was a hero. She dies attempting to save her people even though she probably knew it was a lost cause. She would have hoped for a clean death, Arthas denied her that victory. We know now, that Frostmourne, when it takes a life, it shatters their soul. This is what happened with Sylvanas.


There have been mixed reviews and comments previously about Sylvanas’s redemption arc. Some players liked it, others would have liked nothing more then to kill her. Although we did need Sylvanas to help us get Anduin back. We might not have suceeded otherwise.

Bad or Good

Azeroth has not always known Sylvanas as bad. Would she have performed the same actions if she had her entire soul? We have since learned the truth about Frostmourne and what it does including who its creator actually is. So, not only does Sylvanas get sentenced, we learn the origins behind her crimes.

Tyrande & The Night Elves

Tyrande was the one who hated her most and wanted to see her pay. She vowed vengeance upon Sylvanas and sought justice in the end. Instead of killing Sylvanas, she decided a more fittting punishment would befall her and sent her back into the Maw to seek out every soul she put there and take them to the arbiter for a proper judgement.


With the community being split, Sylvanas is one of those characters that players loved even when she was doing questionable things. There were even some players saying they were not happy withj how they did Arthas in the end and that he deserved a redemption arc over Sylvanas. Personally, I think that Sylvanas’s redemption was a good idea. It also brings some closure to the pain the Night Elves went through as Tyrande gets justice finally for what Sylvanas did.

If you ask someone what they think, you will get a different response from most everyone you speak to including the why. Tyrande sending Sylvanas to the maw, might also be closure for other races and familiies. Maybe one day we shall see Sylvanas back in Azeroth, but only time will tell.

What are your thoughts? Do you think her redemption was a good idea or no?

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