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Nozdormu, The Timeless One

Nozdormu is the former aspect of the bronze dragonflight. He would be empowered by the titans to watch over Azeroth. Nozdormu would fight against the demons during War of the Ancients. He immersed himself in his duties, and only emerges when events require his direct presence.

He did intervene in Deathwing’s defeat and is one of the few times he became seen in Azeroth. The infinite dragonflight and the Shattering, caused Nozdorumu unable to ignore the needs of the other Aspects and their allies. After he aided in the defeat of Deathwing’s creation Chromatus and his own future self, he joined his brother and sisters killing Deathwing. Though, defeating Deathwing cost most of his power where he would become mortal.

He was a former proto-dragon who stood with the other aspects united against Galakrond. Nozdormu would meet Malygos and Neltharion after saving them from Galakrond. He was relatively more intelligent, like Malygos compared to other proto-dragons.

Dawn of The Aspects

Nozdormu rallied under Talonixa and accepted her as alpha so they could deal with the threat of Galakrond. In that time period, he would become friends with Malygos, Neltharion, Alexstrsza, and Ysera. He did not agree with all of Ysera’s beliefs.

Talonixa’s army

Nozdormu found himself as part of the proto-dragon army that would combat Galakrond. Before they would engage their enemy in battle, Malygos devised a plan to which the army would fly higher in the air where Galakrond was unable to go. He was relieved that Talonixa was considering it, but she took his relief as a sign of his satisfaction that she was bowing to his wisdom and engaged him in battle. Nozdormu would help Malygos in this battle.


Nozdormu and the other aspects hunt down Galakrond in order to kill once and for all. They were even willing to die trying. He worked with Ysera and combined powers in order to defeat Galakrond after Malygos and Neltharion forced a boulder down his throat.

Becoming an Aspect

After defeating Galkrond, the watchers approached the aspects. Nozdormu and his friends agreed to protect Azeroth and would be transformed into the Dragon Aspects. One of their first acts was to encourage a rumor that the titans created them from Galakrond, so nobody would know the truth about Galakrond. This was an attempt to ensure no one would follow in his footsteps.

Nozdormu was given dominion over time, this also means he would learn his own fate and what he was to become later on.

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