Kalecgos is the blue aspect and leader of the blue dragonflight. His mortal guise is a half-human, half-elf with blue hair. The form appeals to him because it represents a melding of two worls, just as Kalec feels that he is a blend of the worlds of dragons as well as humans.

The blues are most in tune with arcane magic out of all the dragonflights, Kalec has the powers of a sorcerer along with the strength of a warrior. Even after he gave up his Aspect abilities, he is still one of the greatest mages in Azeroth.

Kalecgos was once Malygos’s investigator and got involved in searching for residual energies of the Sunwell. Though, he oppossed Malygos’s war agaisnt mortal spellcasters he was made the blue dragonflight’s ambassador to the Wyrmrest Accord. Kalecgos decided he would not stand with Malygos during the war against the lich king.

Wyrmrest Accord

He would ally himself with Alextsrasza and the wyrmrest accord to help stop Malygos. After his defeat, Kalecgos was named the new aspect of magic and aided the other aspects and the mortal adventurers in the battle with the aspect of death known as Deathwing. After Deathwing was defeated, the blue dragons would go their seperate ways.

The Kirin Tor

Kalecgos joined the Kirin Tor after defeating Deathwing. He moved to Dalaran in order to pursue a relationship with Jaina Proudmoore. Although, Jaina left Dalaran at the onset of the Burning Legion’s invasion Kalecgos remained and later became a member of the Tirisgarde as well as the ruling Council of Six.

Chronormu’s Visage

When Chronormu’s visage day was upon them, he sought advice from Kalecgos and asked about his blue hair. Kalecgos explained how he chose his visage and why, more like it suited him but he also wanted to be approachable and walk among mortals as both a friend and an equal. The hair was because it suited him, and Kalecgos suggested Chronormu think about a nickname to use in his mortal form.

The Sunwell

Kalecgos was sent as an investor by Malygos to Quel’Thalas to locate what they believed were residual energies. The residucal energies were believed to have been destroyed by the scourge some time ago. He found a young human named Anveena Teague, who lived with her parents just outside of Tarren MIll. She turned out to be nothing more then an illusion. She was the remaining energies of the Sunwell transfigured into the form of a human avatar by Korialstrasz, Alexstrasza’s prime consort.

Kalecgos is a hero to many and now aspires to bring the blue dragons back to where they should be. Together, what are your thoughts on Kalecgos? Let us know in the comments below and do you hope that he suicceeds in bringing the blues back together?