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What I Would Like to See in Dragonflight

Dragonflight just released, and has been the talk of the game lately. There have been some speculation already as to what we may see next. For me, two of things that interest me is most is leveling and storylines. I love following storylines.

We also have some spoilers, like what happens to Malfurion and whether or not we will see Ysera return. She will play a role in this expansion although what, we are not sure of. Down to even who will lead the Black Dragons, which seems to be a great question for everyone “Wrathion or Sabellian.”

So, today we explore what I personally would like to see this expansion. Do my ideas line up with yours? Let’s find out, shall we?

Wrathion Vs. Sabellian

My most curious question has to deal with who will lead the black dragons. Although, personally I would like to see Wrathion lead it, I would love to see this storyline explored. Who becomes the leader and what happens to lead to that point. Do our votes and choices during the world quest really matter or does Blizzard already have it in their mind who they want to be the leader.


We see that Ysera makes a return, I would love to see Alexstrasza’s reaction when she finds out her sister has returned. Seeing these two together would most definitely wrap up that reaction. We never saw it when her sister died, although she did discuss her death when we sought her out looking for an item for a quest in Shadowlands. We already know she won’t go to leading the green dragons and she won’t be the green aspect, so what purpose will she have?

Anduin’s Return

I realize that both Anduin and Sylvanas have taken a backseat this expansion, which is great, but I would be most interested in seeing Anduin return. More so, what happened to him. Would he return to help his old friend become leader of the black dragons? or will he stay away? I would love to see Anduin make a return as I feel like he wasn’t around much after his dad died.

Kalecgos & Jaina

Jaina and Kalecgos were once an item, I would like to see them back together. Jaina now has a clearer head and it would be interesting to see them reunited once more. Although, I personally doubt Jaina will be around much this expansion if at all, as Khadgar appears to be the mage around thsi expanson helping the blue dragons in Azure Span.

There are quite a few storylines that can be explored with Dragonflight, and it will be interesting to see the direction that Blizzard takes with the current storylines and more. What would you like to see in Dragonflight?

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