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Katherine Proudmoore

Katherine Proudmoore

Katherine rules House Proudmoore and used to be the Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras before she stepped down in favor of her daughter. Previously married to Daelin Proudmoore who left her a widow after Jaina stepped aside and watched the Horde kill him for his crimes against them.

Daelin wrote Katherine a letter to tell her of Derek’s death when he died during the second war. When Jaina was young, she would move heaven and earth to see to it that Jaina had whatever she wanted or needed. She even fought Daelin on sending Jaina to Dalaran so she could train as a mage.

When Jaina wanted to date Arthas, her parents gave the courtship permission. Katherine gave a speech about how her husband had brought the fleet to Theramore to search for Jaina only to have Jaina betray him and their people as she stood aside and let the Horde kill Daelin.


Katherine also felt betrayed by Jaina and thought that she did not teach her loyalty or humility. The Admiral Copeland sought out Katherine to inform her of the renewed conflict with the Horde and the Alliance. They also suggested they seek out help and rejoin the Alliance, but Katherine insisted that Kul Tiras would protect its own and they would not be rejoining the Alliance.

Battle for Azeroth

Jaina returned to Kul Tiras to ask them if they would rejoin the Alliance. Katherine had then labeled Jaina a traitor for her role in Daelin’s death and had her taken away to face judgement. This was urged by Priscilla Ashvane, a close friend of Katherine’s. Though, Katherine did hear the rumors about Priscilla but she chose to ignore them.

Tides of Vengeance

Katherine was at Proudmoore Keep with her family near the memorials of Daelin and Derek. The family had discussed how Derek’s was being used by the Horde to taunt them. The remaining members reminisced and discussed what Daelin and Derek might think of, seeing the Proudmoores together again. Katherine briefly reunited with Derek Proudmoore before he decided to depart with Calia Menethil.

Shadows Rising

Katherine, along with Jaina, hosted Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner in Boralus. They had come at Anduin’s request in the event that Mathias Shaw discovers nothing on the Zandalari coast while hunting Sylvanas Windrunner. Shaw was taken prisoner by the Zandalari Empire and the guests jumped to the conclusion that Sylvanas was working with the Zandalari. Katherine witnessed Jaina telling them not to add fuel to the already kindling fire and risk the treaty.

Katherine Proudmoore fights with a pistol and during the BFA alpha was referred to as a queen. Just an interesting fact to note. What do you think of Katherine Proudmoore and how she evolved during Battle for Azeroth? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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