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Is Sabellian the Next Deathwing?

One of the big storylines currently is who will lead the Black Dragonflight. By now, you know who my vote is with. I have done articles on Wrathion before, but what about Sabellian? This won’t be a why he should be leader because personally, I don’t think he should.

One of the questions that plagues my mind is whether or not he could be the next Deathwing. With his history and what we do know of him, it kind of makes sense. So, today’s article will explore this question and why it is possible he could be the next evil dragon we have to fight at some point.

I will add a disclaimer: Whether or not Sabellian is another Deathwing has not been confirmed nor denied by Blizzard.

Black Dragons

Black Dragons have a history of being corrupted by the Old Gods, but the black dragons are also known for its cunning and malevolence. Sabellian is a Black Dragon, after all.


Sabellian was involved in the destruction of Stormwind during the First War. This is one of the things he is known for. If he could have helped Deathwing with destroying Stormwind, imagine what he would be like on his own.


Sabellian in his old age definitely is strong and a formidable opponent. He is cunning just as he is strong, which makes him a feared enemy.

Connection to Old Gods

Like Deathwing, Sabellian had a connection to the Old Gods, he claims to have figured out how to fight it and cure the corruption from his kind. However, do we really believe him? Deathwing was corrupted by the Old Gods and eventually transformed from Neltharion to Deathwing and descended into madness. Sabellian has been influenced by the Old Gods, which can be seen in his involvement when he summoned C’thun during the War of the Shifting Sands. Who is to say he is not currently still being influenced and just hiding it for now?


Sabellian is known to betray his allies so that he can further his own goals. Deathwing betrayed his own kind and caused chaos, while Sabellian betrayed those he called his allies.

My honest opinion, I do believe that Sabellian has all the right makings to become another Deathwing. Is he one? Only time will tell, however, the truth will likely be uncovered in time. What do you think? Do you think Sabellian is another Deathwing?

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